Natural Stone

Looking for a natural way to beautify your outdoor surroundings perfectly?

Natural stone strikes a sublime balance between the elements and foliage, providing the grounds around it a genuine and organic feel. Pete Rose, Inc. offers a wide selection of natural stone including thin stone, wall stone, building stone, irregular flagstone, garden path stone, pattern stone, cobblestone, and boulders.

Need help coming up with some unique garden ideas or landscaping ideas for your home or commercial exterior project? Pete Rose can get you started. Some landscaping uses of natural stone include stepping stones, pathways, walkways, and walls. Because it is natural, it is ideal for exterior applications and requires virtually no maintenance. No matter your reason for wanting natural stone, let Pete Rose, Inc. help you start your next home or commercial exterior project.

Thin Stone

Listed below are the different styles of thin stone that Pete Rose, Inc. of Richmond, VA has to offer. Choose from Blue Ridge, Chocolate Grey, Dove Grey, Falcon Mist, Heather Grey, Pennsylvania, Tumbled Bluestone, Virginia, Weatherface, and Winchester Blend stones.

The different styles of thin stone that Pete Rose offers can be used as a decorative facing for fireplaces, chimneys, columns, foundations, & house fronts where weight or space restrictions should be considered. Thin stone is also ideal for dry-stack walls and freestanding or retaining walls. These particular pieces of stone are 1″-3″ thick.

Wall Stone

Primarily used for freestanding or retaining walls. Thick pieces create a unique appearance.

Building Stone

This stone is used for exterior free-standing or retaining walls, chimneys & fireplaces.

Irregular Flagstones

This stone comes in relatively thin pieces and is ideal for walkways, patios & around poolsides.

Pattern Stones

Pre-cut pieces which increase in size by six-inch increments; available in 10 distinctive colors.


Boulders provide a variety of options to enhance the landscaping of your property. In hard to plant areas, boulders can help anchor a landscape bed and can also be used in conjunction with garden ponds.


We carry five sizes, including three sizes in standard grey granite, one randomly sized style with shades of brown and tan antique, and one blue.

Garden Path Stones

Choose a surface with enough texture that it won’t be too slippery when wet, especially if the path is near a pool. Avoid dark stones which can become too hot for bare feet in the summertime. Thick, irregular pieces provide a natural look for paths or walkways through your yard.

Travertine Marble & Stone

Travertine and Marble can be used for many hardscape projects such as pools, patios, and walkways. Coming in a variety of colors and textures, Travertine and Marble are great options for many different hardscape applications.

Treads & Wall Caps

Retaining wall caps offer an attractive finishing touch across the front and back edges of your retaining walls. The wall caps come in a variety of different colors, making it easy to coordinate with the color scheme of the treads or stone steps in your outdoor living area. Use treads & wall caps together for your next hardscaping project.

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