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The Best Hardscaping Material For Your Patio & Outdoor Area In Richmond

The use of manufactured stone veneer and concrete interlocking pavers and wall systems has become more prominent in landscape design for patios, fire pits, and other numerous projects for the home or business because of its lightweight components. They provide architectural designs for your home without the heavy weight of natural stones. This makes manufactured stone flexible in terms of design and construction. Use manufactured stone for your driveway, sidewalks, or structural applications.

What is Manufactured Stone?

Manufactured stone, manufactured, veneer, cultured stone, fake stone, faux stone, and veneer stone; whatever term you come across, the basics of manufactured stone are the same across the board. Manufactured stone is made in a factory and is composed of concrete mix that is molded and colored to simulate the color and texture of natural stone.

Permeable Pavement

Permeable pavements aid in stormwater management, reduces run off and decreased flooding.  They are designed with open cells that are filled with gravel or grass that allows the water to seep in and is then absorbed into the ground.  Other types of paving systems like concrete and asphalt will collect storm water causing it to collect and run off.  It also serves a purpose for the winter by reducing the amount of water that would then lead to ice.  This makes an ideal paver for the Richmond area due to our regions weather conditions.

Since permeable pavers are made with an eco-conscious design, many municipalities now offer tax incentives and utility fee reductions – see if there is a local incentive in your area.

How To Use Pavers For Your Backyard Project?

Pavers are easy to install and provide your home garden, backyard or outdoor living area with a beautiful and practically maintenance free hardscaping option. Concrete pavers are maintenance free, durable, and inexpensive. Pete Rose Inc. offers multiple options for residents in the greater Richmond area. Only you can decide which paver best suits your needs, but you can call or visit our location to see what we have to offer and learn more.

Whether you’re looking to add some old-world charm to your outdoor patio, or contemporary flair to a walkway, Pete Rose Inc. offers multiple color, texture, and size options for retaining walls, seat walls, fire pits, columns, pavers and manufactured stone to create beautiful and functional outdoor living spaces.

Why Choose Pete Rose As Your Patio Paver & Manufactured Stone Provider

When choosing these types of products consider Techo-Bloc, EP Henry or Eldorado’s long lasting, design-friendly products with their hundreds of products and color options. We provide some of the most reliable manufactured stone at the highest quality, all at great prices. Please stop by our showroom to pick up catalogs and price guides of these popular products or visit the links below.

Paver Products


From driveways, poolsides and patios to steps, planters and walkways, there’s a Techo-Bloc precious stone to suit your build.

EP Henry

Family owned and American–made for over 100 years. We are the company you can trust. We are hardscaping.


Belgard goes beyond creativity and craftsmanship. It means bringing your vision to life. With Belgard, you get a partner to help you from inspiration to installation and beyond.

Manufactured Stone

Eldorado Stone

For over 40 years, Eldorado Stone has demonstrated an undeniable passion for creating authentic products that elevate quality and design. What memorable space will you create?


Honoring the masonry traditions of the past while delivering quality and affordability with every stone we make.

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