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The quality of a hardscape installation is certainly influenced by the choice of the products and tools that are used. We offer a wide range of professional hardscape tools for the installation of interlocking paving stones, retaining walls, patio pavers, garden walls and other hardscaping products.

Gradual wear and tear combined with harsh weather conditions will eventually have an effect on your hardscapes. While there isn’t much that can be done about Mother Nature taking its course, you can use a premium sealer which is formulated to protect and extend the life of your hardscapes. Sealers are a significant tool to use which helps:

  • Prevent growth of unwanted weeds and grass in between small cracks and joints
  • Protect pavers and natural stone against stains from grease, grime and oil
  • Inhibit insect infestations
  • Reduce accumulation of mildew and mold


Established in 1990, our high performance product line includes Snap Edge Paver Edge Restraint, Surebond Sealers/Cleaners/Adhesives, PolySweep Polymeric Sand and Kerr Lighting. As an innovative manufacturer with over 20 years of experience, we commit to bring distributors the highest quality of product, exceptional service and the support to optimize the value of their hardscape accessory program.


A leading force in the industry offering an exhaustive range of quality hardscape products for all of your hardscaping needs.

Henri Studios

Old World craftsmanship combined with modern manufacturing processes creates this premium quality line of products that are essential to any home, garden or landscape.

Hulton Tool

Providing the hardscape industry with plate compactors, laser levels, masonry saws, concrete mixers and even more innovative hardscaping and paver installation tools.

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