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Pete Rose, Inc. sells soils as well. Each of these products has a variety of applications, however it’s important to know a few things about each of them.


We sell screened topsoil that is taken from various sites around Richmond. It is screened through a ¾” screen that eliminates almost all debris from the soil. Topsoil is best used for leveling yards. However, topsoil has no real nutrients, so it is not recommended for planting grass or for gardens and flower beds. We have additional products to fill that need.

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Types of Compost To Use For Your Richmond Project

Organic Compost

Organic compost is decayed leaves that have been collected from Richmond houses. As it breaks down over time it becomes a nutrient-rich product that looks like very dark soil. This is the same product that is in our mixed soil, but it can also be used as a top dressing for lawns or around flower and vegetables. You can also till it into an existing bed to replenish the nutrients of the soil that have been depleted over time.

Benefits of Soil

Amended Soil

Amended soil simply is soil that has had other material added to make it more fertile and to enrich it with nutrients not found in plain topsoil. Pete Rose, Inc. carries a 50/50 mixed soil that we process at our yard on Old Staples Mill Road. This is a half and half blend of screened topsoil and organic leaf compost. It is dark, rich and full of nutrients that boost plant and grass growth. It is ideal for flower beds, vegetable gardens and is particularly effective beneath sod.

McGill Mix

McGill Mix is our top-of-the-line amended soil. It is made from 100% recycled content and is the ideal product for any gardening application: raised beds, planter boxes, trees and shrubs, top dressing, turf renovation, and especially for sod. Visit for more information about this amazing product.

Topsoil & Compost Delivery

Some customers prefer to pick up topsoil and compost from our location, where we’re always happy to load supplies onto your truck or trailer. We also offer delivery throughout the Richmond & Midlothian area.

Pete Rose, Inc. delivers all of our soils. Minimum quantities and delivery fees apply and delivery is quoted separately.

Call Pete Rose, Inc. today or drop by our location on Old Staples Mills Road. Our quality topsoil and compost will give your gardens, plants, and lawns the chance to be their best.

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